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Goalkeeper vs player, the difference is in the word "nearly"

As a new member  in the world of formative football training, there are many things that have shocked me. These include the fact that many people do not want their children to be goalkeepers. If you ask these parents about it  the answer is usually the same: "I have no desire to suffer."

As the writer and amateur reporter Vladimir Nabokov said, "the job of a goalkeeper  is like a martyr, a sandbag or a penitent." This is a reality which the goalkeeper and his environment must learn to live together  from an early age.

In these 3 years that we’ve been living as a goalkeeper’s parents, being “newborn”  in this world, there is one thing that we have noticed: goalkeeper learning goes beyond learning the different techniques and tactics, must also have a  psychological learning too. So, not only his arms and legs must gain power, but also his mind has to learn to be strong.

Comming back  to the wishes of those parents that never wanted their sons to be a goalkeeper, even stating that he would like to try, in the far end, really we can understand them. At the end of the match it is not the same to hear your son saying  "I ‘ve nearly scored " than  “ I’ve nearly sttoped a goal “.  The first "nearly" will be an anecdote or a joking story of the match, a play or a gamble but the second "nearly " means a goal down, whether or not a decisive goal. This example of "nearly" perfectly explains the difference between having a child who plays as a player or a goalkeeper. I’m suppossed that in baby or early cathegories  this difference is not as important as in higher levels.

So, in order to prevent our displeasures, should we ban our song to be a goalkeeper?. Personally I think we should let the kids choose their destination, and if my child is happy as a goalkeeper  what I should try as a parent is to support him to perform himself in this sport, in the position he has chosen, even if I suffer inthe match more than if he was a normal player. And when he'll tell me  " I nearly stopped a goal  ..." I will answer him  you tried to and you nearly achieve to do it so is than why I’m proud of you”.

* Traduction by Verónica

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